Operational Scaling

Highly complex businesses require innovation to scale effectively…

Over the past two years, our advisors have worked with multiple telecommunications companies in the fibre space. Their problems were largely the same; a super-high growth sector, with serious financial backing, inevitably leads to a drive to deliver results over short periods of time. 

Our advisors worked to guide the companies across the entire delivery landscape.

Inherent to any scale-up business is the need to drive operational growth whilst developing and maintaining economy of scale. We created an Operational Excellence advisory blueprint that set out how to attain the delivery outcomes required of the business without driving operational expenditure to excess. The blueprint included advice on organisational structure, recruitment policies, technology platforms — including in the areas of AI and machine learning — and process development.

The running theme across all aspects of these engagements was innovation. Our blueprint focused on pushing these scale-up businesses to be different—different in structure, different in policy, different in technology and different in process—to avoid the traditional pitfalls of scaling businesses and deliver real shareholder value. The result was a very efficient delivery model that enabled the rapid scaling of delivery outcomes to meet shareholder expectation.


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